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North America

The Aboriginal Republic of North America via the International Indigeous Society offers Global Legal, Business, and Economic Services for Indigenous Governments implementing International Political, Legal and Economic Remedy via Internaional Law. Pursuant to International Treaties, Mandates, and Protections for Indigenous Peoples like The Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples we offer a range of services to Governments, Institutions, and communities. Our Motto:

1 Nationality 1 Aim1 Destiny

Global Services

For Indigenous Peoples

This Site offers a range of services for Aboriginal Indigenous People around the world.Our goal is to improve the political plight of the worlds Indigenous Peoples though an International institution 'The Internatioal Indigeous Society' that can serve the political interests of Indigenous Peoples seeking and establising autonomous Governments. We share innovative actions to establish government building strategies and implementation of the necessary constructs for Global Aboriginal autonomy in accordnce with Indigenous Constiutions and International law

We offer an range of services fo Indigenous Peoples including:

Passport Services

General Identification Services

Services to Indigeous DLV's

Construction of Legal Institutes

Document Drafting -Legal-Constitutonal

Construction of Indigenous Universities

Global Media Services for Aboriginals

Aborginal Health Care Services

Indigenous Miltary Intelligence Services

& More

Current Projects Include:

Indigenous Land Investments- The worlds first fully autonomous Indigenous Investment Firm servicing exclusively indigenous Peoples

Aboriginal University: A Full University servicing aboriginals world-wide online wih Curriculms for:

Cosmology & Astro-Studies:

Cartomancy, Aboriginal Cosmology versus Astrology, Olmec Tarot & Calendars

Jurist Doctor of Law Program Including:

Global Economics Structure

Financial Recovery - Get Out Of Debt Course

Indigenous Doctor of Heath & Medicine:

Aboriginal Bio-Cosmology Levels 1-3

Aboriginal -American Anthropology Course

Moorish Anthropology Course

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or Contact us @ 267-582-5724

Latest News

Aboriginal Health Course Starts April 13th 10:15AM EST SIGN UPS AT STORE

Aboriginal Law Course Starts April 12th 9:15 AM EST GET ALL TEXTBOOKS & DVDS AFTER SIGNUP Mailed within 3 days

Aboriginal Cosmology Course April 13th 9:15AM EST Get Immediate Labor in each Field of Certification


Self Government Tour Coming 2015